Monday, July 14, 2008

Beme: Connectivity And Sousveillance Via Twitter

The fascinating thing about Twitter (Founded in 2006 and identified by NYtimes in 2007 as the net's fastest growing phenomenon) is not that socialite teens have found a great way to persistently give real-time updates to all their friends ( i.e. "Chillin").  It's not even that surprising that political figures (Barack Obama) have attempted to capitalize on this phenomenon by creating their own Twitter accounts and inundating their fans facebook accounts, cell phones, email with "tweets" ( i.e. "Discussing healthcare in Findley, Ohio").  For me the most interesting thing about Twitter is its potential for 'sousveillance' (the opposite of surveillance).  With Twitter, citizens have found another empowering tool with which they can quickly and broadly 'watch from below.'  Witness an act of injustice?  You can 'tweet' it into cellphones, emails, and social network websites and watch your Twitter subscribers spread the word like wildfire.  Just don't cry wolf.

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